Kernow Goth or Old Cornwall is a movement with a mission. It's wide ranging aims are to preserve and record Cornwall's unique culture, traditions, its language and dialect and caring for its environment. We also promote public awareness of these topics and concerns relating to them.

Midsummer Bonfire

Having been in existence since 1920 the movement has spread the length and breadth of Cornwall with over 40 societies. It has links to many other like minded organisations.

Many other organisations have followed the example of 'Old Cornwall' in working towards the preservation and promotion of a particular aspect of Cornwall's culture. These include the language, music and archaeology with these groups cooperating to achieve mutually shared goals.

Our 'Old Cornwall' societies range in size from those that are quite small to some with over 100 members. Independently run each has its own officers and committee. Membership is open to all those who are interested in supporting and caring for Cornwall's distinct heritage.

Each society aims to have a Recorder whose duty is to collect and record data gathered by its members about their communities. This is important where certain aspects of that community is in danger of disappearing. This might include buildings, place-names, archaeology, dialect as well as stories and knowledge of the past. Often the recorder is assisted by a Photographic Recorder.

Cornish Cross

There are many society activities with 'Old Cornwall' societies throughout Cornwall joining to hold Winter and Summer Festivals. Many societies organise and support traditional Cornish events such as Midsummer Bonfires and Crying the Neck as well as attending the Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival.

Crying the Neck

Many societies have kept a watchful eye and helped restore, and maintain ancient sites and monuments. Several societies have established museums and archives thereby preserving artefacts and documents along with the recorded knowledge collected.

Tin Mine Engine House

A most important activity carried out by the Federation is the publication of the twice-yearly journal containing much new information and research. The publication and sale of numerous books relating to Cornwall's historical and cultural heritage is a vital part of the Federations activities in preserving knowledge about Cornwall.

King Donierts Stone

Federation Officers Contact Details

President: Karin Easton - (01872 573612)

Deputy President: 

Secretary: Kate Neale -

Treasurer: Susan Theobald - (01840) 213558

Dialect Recorder: Paul Phillips - (01326 573317)

Editor: Terry Knight - (01872 552921)

Events: Karin Easton - (01872 573612)

Folk Songs & Music Recorder: Merv Davey - (01208 831642)

Publications: Terry Knight - (01872 552921)

Publicity: Len Sheppard - (01637 850055)

Website Manager: Ros Hayward - (01726 852262)