Heritage Projects

The Kernow Goth movement along with its societies are keen to work and support other groups who are interested in preserving Cornwall's historic, cultural and environmental heritage.

If you are a society that wishes to discuss working with the Federation or any of the Kernow Goth societies please let us know. Your group may be in the arts, education or environment sectors besides those in the heritage sector. 


The Federation is currently working with Cornish Story in a project Mapping Methodism. More about this project can be found by clicking Mapping Methodism which will take you to the project page.

The Federation is also supporting the Cornish Buildings Group by sharing information about its Buildings at Risk Project. More about this project can be found by clicking Buildings at Risk Project which will take you to the project page.



Our Societies

Many of our societies work on projects within their local area and we hope to share as many of these as possible here, providing information and links. If you see a project that interests you click on the link and contact the relevant society who will be pleased to hear from you.

A list together with links to Kernow Goth societies can be found by clicking Member Societies

Newquay - Kowethas Kernow Goth Towan Blystra

A number of projects are run by the society covering the Newquay area, also through the society museum relating to arts and the environment. A brief overview of these can be seen at Newquay Heritage Projects.

They are looking for volunteers who are keen to be involved with a number of new projects that involve preservation of heritage and protecting the environment in Cornwall. Contact Len Sheppard at nocs.archive@gmail.com

Other societies with projects that they wish to promote please contact Len Sheppard Federation Publicity Officer at publicity@oldcornwall.net

These can be listed here on the Kernow Goth website as well as our social media pages