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Women writers and Georgian Cornwall - by Charlotte Mackenzie

This book explores the lives of women writers connected with Cornwall during the Georgian era. All were published authors. Cornwall influenced the writing of the Brontës through their mother’s Cornish relations. Many of the Brontës’ completed novels were set in the Georgian era. The lives and writing of twelve women who are less well known than the Brontës are rediscovered here. Individual chapters focus on Catherine Phillips, Elizabeth Trefusis, Anne Batten Cristall, Eliza Fenwick, Thomasin Dennis, and Charlotte Champion Pascoe. Alongside consideration of the published writing and lives of Dorothy Enys, Blanche Lean, Jane Taylor, Ann Thomas, Jane Louisa Willyams, and Anna Maria Wood. The purpose of this book is to unforget these women’s lives and writing, and what it can tell us about Cornwall’s history, culture, and literary traditions.

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Women writers and Georgian Cornwall

Cap'n Harry - by Henry James Purches

Reproduced from an autobiographical manuscript by Henry James 'Harry' Purches (1886-1975), a Master Mariner of Par, this booklet reveals the days of his youth, early manhood, and the very beginning of his life at sea. Sadly, it was never completed, but nevertheless reveals something of the challenges faced by young men of his day starting out.

27 pages, illustrated

Published by: Par Old Cornwall Society.


Price: £4.50

The Surnames of Cornwall - by Bernard Deacon

"Cornwall has a distinctive stock of surnames. This book is an essential resource for anyone wishing to trace their family history or discover the meaning of their surname." Explains over 700 names.


Published by: CoSERG.   

ISBN: 978-0-9513918-5-3.

194 pages.

Price: £9.00

Trusting Fully Trusting - compiled by Dick Cole and Ann Reynolds

Subtitled, "Remembering the men of Fraddon, Indian Queens, St Columb Road and Summercourt who lost their lives in the First World War", this is a well-researched and superbly presented book, which won Gorsedh Kernow's Holyer an Gof Award for books of 2018.  

Numerous photographs.

Hardback. Published by St Enoder Parish Council.   

ISBN:  978-1-5272-3270-9.   

263 pages.   Illustrations.

Price:  £12.00