Cornish Places and Place Names

Recording and researching Cornwall's place-names has been a core concern of Old Cornwall since its foundation and the Old Cornwall journals include many articles and reports relevant to it.  

Its inclusion here provides the opportunity for members and non-members to contribute information which may be of interest to other readers.

For those interested in the meanings of Cornish place-names the following may be useful:


A Guide to Cornish Place-names by Robert Morton Nance 1950 and later editions

Introduction to Cornish Place-names by Peter A S Pool 1969

The Place-names of West Penwith Peter A S Pool 1973 / 1985

Cornish Place-name elements by Oliver J Padel 1985

A Popular Dictionary of Cornish Place-names by Oliver J Padel 1988

The Field Names of West Penwith by Peter A S Pool 1990

Place-names in Cornwall and Scilly by Craig Weatherill 2005

Some Old Names on Black-More by Charles Henderson

Some Old Names on Black-More written by feted Cornish historian Charles Henderson in the late 1920's and published in the 'Old Cornwall' journal number 6. This has some interesting information about this area of Cornwall for those interested in the Bodmin - St Austell region.

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An index of place names can be found at 

An Index to the Historical Place Names of Cornwall

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